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BALINESE Silk Floral and Plant Collection

Bali is all about beauty ...simple & elegant. Everywhere you look: from stylish, bright floral designs, exotic & ornate dance costumes, creative & colorful displays of foods, exquisite temples, talented artisans, to incredible lush, intense landscapes and jungles... you are surrounded by intoxicating, beauty.

And one thing I noticed while traveling through Bali was that the beautiful, natural vegetation in Bali created such a peaceful, balancing and yet energizing effect on me. It is a feeling that I wanted to bring home and incorporate in my world - and then make this available for your world as well. So, come join me in the magical forest of Bali.

From the beginning, our custom silk trees have been the foundation of our great reputation" Our silk trees have always been our premium offering, made with only the highest quality silk, and custom-constructed in our factory. At Make Be Leaves we select from a variety of woods to create unique and natural looking specimen trees. Our attention to detail and nature's style give our custom silk trees their very real appearance.

Presenting Our New BALI Inspired Silk Plants and Containers:

Bali_collection_floating_bowl738.37 KB
Bali_collection_low_grasses212.08 KB
Bali_collection_matching_oncidium_orchids482.61 KB
Bali_collection_mixed_white_orchids271.03 KB
Bali_collection_reeds_and_papyrus844.1 KB
Bali_collection_sanseveria540.09 KB
Bali_collection_tall_grass599.47 KB
Bali_collection_tall_tropical_arrangement518.38 KB
Bali_collection_tiered_custom_planting932.39 KB
Bali_collection_tuberose_floral_arrangement492.61 KB
Bali_collection_waterlilies_in_low_bowl627.5 KB